Friday, March 8, 2013

Dangerous Stunt Performed on The Moving Trucks!!!

Normally, people walk on a rope from one end to another which is certainly a very frightening view for the person watching such a scene.

Here, you will find a more frightening scene when you see a young lady walking on a cable tied at the top of the two moving trucks on either end. SOUNDS LIKE REAL DANGER!
But the young lady walked successfully from one end of a cable tied to the other at the top of both ends of two moving trucks.

Faith Dickey is 23 years of age stunt woman who showed a terrifying stunt and named herself to the first stunt woman to perform such an unbelieving stunt of a death challenge and showed an outstanding but breathe holding stunt on the motorway in Croatia. This stunt was done using both the tracks of the motorway in the same direction.

The young lady endangered her life and crossed the cable tied on the either ends of the two moving trucks during fast speed and reached at the other end before the trucks passed through separate tunnels. WOW!! What A STUNT!

Dickey named herself for the world record that she performed such a dangerous stunt of her life. This was the dangerous stunt of her life ever performed in the history of such stunts but Dickey has done it superbly well by walking on a wire rope tied between two fast moving trucks. If she wouldn’t have crossed the wire before the tunnel, she might have killed herself.

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