Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hydrogen Powered Sports Racer - RAPIDE

Recently, Aston Martin  Rapide, the Hydrogen Powered Sports Racer was being introduced in the Geneva Motor Show which has been designed to participate in the forth coming Nurburgring Race. This sports car is the new technology model ever designed as the new futuristic cars in the history.

Initially, only two of these stylish modern CC100 road racers have been designed by British Sports Car Maker. One of them is dedicated on the event of 100th birthday of its founder, Aston Martin and the other one is the dedication for the celebration of the victory achieved by Sir Sterling Moss at Nurburgring Race in 1959.
This modern sports car is the V12 type having open cockpit, open air sports racer. The Rapide car has been the designed with the latest advanced technology and it is the sports vehicle possessing hydrogen hybrid 500 horsepower engine which is about to take part in the Grand Race Event at Nurburgring 24 Hours.

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