Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bamboo Electrical Scooter

Bamboo has been found appropriate for making different things and objects to be used in our daily life. The use of bamboo and such other material is increasing in different directions and becoming popular among the designers and makers of brilliant minds.

The same thinking lighted the mind of Antoine Fritsch, a French designer of different daily routine objects and he used various materials mainly with the bamboo to make a scooter powered by electrical motor.
He has designed the world’s unique and simple electrical scooter made with bamboo frame mainly. The making of this bamboo frame is supported by different other material like aluminum, cork and rubber. He has named it T20 Electric Scooter and it is the lighter scooter in weight.
This simple bamboo scooter has a small but hidden electrical motor under the steps. This scooter has a top speed around 22mph and it could easily cover a distance of almost 25 miles with its charged battery. You can enjoy riding this simple electrical scooter.

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