Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kitchen Knife Made Chopping Easier

Andreas Kalt has designed the sliding chopping knife to make the kitchen work easy and smooth. Most of the housewives and the famous chefs have admired the sliding knife as it has really made all types of the chopping easier and time saving.

The concept of sliding kitchen knife has won the famous iF Design awards and Kalt’s concept has been very famous among the normal kitchen use. The sliding and rocking knife has curved grooves which are at the outer surface top of the blade which is attached with the handle.

The chopping is done by using the handle and blade which slides while chopping the vegetables and other items and grooves in a rocking movement. This sliding chopper can be dismantled when it is not in use and the chopping advanced kitchen knife pieces can be separated. It can be put back together easily without any problem anytime to use.

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