Saturday, September 28, 2013

Environment Friendly Concept Public Bus

Peter Simon has come up with his concept bus which he designed for his university project. He has used the advanced technology in designing this environment friendly bus to be used as public transport service.

Credo E-Bone is the best form of environment friendly public transportation bus which will be powered through the attached hydrogen fuel cells with four wheel drive. These cells are capable in storing the energy in the lithium-ion batteries which are fitted at the roof of the concept transport bus.

E-Bone is the best form of sustainable solution as public transportation for today's environment which is capable of zero emissions.Peter has named the bus E-Bone which refers it as the form of skeleton-like shape and unique structure never used before. The passengers will surely feel the difference of the travelling of this amazing electric drive of the unique public concept bus.

The entire bus structure is manufactured in very light material such as composite plastic with the appropriate variation in density just close to the major joints. The whole stucture thus makes it capable to drive smoothly and energy efficient while running on the highways. So, public will enjoy the travelling in this impressive passenger bus service and reach to their destination safely.

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