Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Infrared Tracking Toy Car

You may have watched a cat chasing and running madly following at a red dot emitting through a gadget. You simply play and let it chased by the cat and you enjoy the mad attempts done by the cat. Even it gets frightened by the red dot when it gets closer to it but still uses its claws to hit it.

This was a simple example of a cat following the red dot. Now, we have the same story and the cat is replaced by a toy remote controlled car. This car is designed by using the Infrared Tracker Device to track the red dot and follow it just as the cat does it. Isn't that amazing, just imagine the toy car following the red car just by sensing it by the infrared technology. It sounds really amazing, you can have fun by following the car to chase the red dot and enjoy playing with the car and the red dot.

So, the children may feel glad to chase the red dot by their infrared tracking remote control car. They can enjoy by moving the car in their desired direction and play as they wish. This car has its limits and you can track the red dot within a distance of about five feet when you try to take the red dot beyond the distance of five feet, the car will not be able to track the red dot as it becomes out of its reach and its sensors wil not access.


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