Friday, September 27, 2013

Play Chess with Glo Lights

People are fond of playing chess as it is the best source of activity to pass time and to make their mind relaxed for sometime after a great hard day. Also, by playing chess, our mind is capable to think in different ways and aspects to win the game. Adam Craft has designed a great artistic Glo Chess and participated and won the great Student Design Contest which was organized by Velco.

This is one of the unique concept of miniature chess which he has deigned in a brilliant way. It begins to glow while playing chess using the conductive Velcrosurface concept while in contact with the board. This portable chess board device is powered with the battery and is activated at the time when the chess board is opened to play. And when the play starts, every chess player becomes glowing in contact with each side and directly connected with one another.

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