Sunday, February 24, 2013

The SR-71 Blackbird

The SR-71 is one of the advanced aircraft belonging to the Blackbird family. It includes among the older versions of A-12 and YF-12. It was manufactured in 1950 and few testing flights were operated to make sure that the aircraft has been exact level of plane for which the project was started. The first regular flight was operated in April 1962 and was in operation until 1976. 

This unique aircraft which resembles the Blackbird was designed by Clarence Leonard Kelly Johnson. He was an American aeronautical innovator engineer who took great interest in designing this bird like black aircraft with support of Lockheed's Advanced Development Company Projects. The uniqueness about this birdlike aircraft is that the two pilots flying this plane have to wear a typical type astronaut styled costume. This special typed flying suit was the major requirement for flying this plane just as precautions against the sudden loss of the cabin pressure in the cockpit.

The SR-71 has the flight speed of faster than a bullet and has a regular speed of 2,000 mph and it could fly about a wide area of more than 100,000 square miles per hour flying through a height of 80,000 feet. It was mainly designed to fulfill the needs for operating in different conditions which permitted this birdlike plane to securely keep away from the fighter jets. This aircraft has been retired now but this Blackbird can still perform the action and capable to turn the heads as a cold war spy which was designed to fly high enough and this speedy plane goes beyond the danger.



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