Friday, August 30, 2013

A Damaged Bus Converted into Luxury House

The creative people has the sense and capability of using the old and expired things and converting them to a unique and worth seeing. Normally, people just use their daily use items and just throw away without sesing those things are garbage for them but some creative people are there to reform and reshape those garbage and bring up those things to by giving new life.

An example for such creativity is here where you can see an old bus which has been abandoned. But, the creative people have shown their extraordinary and brilliant work to make it worth seeing and use it in a luxurious way. 

An old abandoned bus which is no more in use now.

The inner view of the damaged bus.

The front view of the bus which is not in use any more.

The damaged bus reformed as a beautiful and luxury house.

Lovely dining view of the bus house.

A fine piece of creativity and turned it into luxury dining hall.

The steering is still there to tell its story that it was a bus.

Washroom has been built too.

Different items placed in the shelf.

The bed room presents its own charm here.

The bedroom and the corridor.

So, the creativity has made this damaged bus into a luxurious house where a peaceful life can be passed very well. Its  the art of the mind how you use it and how you present it.

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