Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Roofus - The Snow Removing Robot

Whenever, it snows; its very difficult to shovel the snow whether it may be on the road or on any roof. The shoveling of snow is not a difficult task any more by the use of robot whihc has ben specially designed for this purpose.

Michal Glogowski has invented this special robot and named it Roofus. This innovative snow robot can easily shovel the snow from anywhere and from every place where it is very difficult to remove the snow. Roofus is the snow removing robot whose main task is to shovel the snow from all the places like houses, roads, roofs etc.

The robot is mechanized to collect the snow and remove the snow away from different places easily. Roofus snow removing machine is operated by the twin electric motors fitted for providing power aided with the caterpillar tracks. It has powerful sensors for navigation at the each side of the body of this snow removing robot.

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