Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mini Submarine For Three Passengers

Underwater mini submarine is ready to take you under the deep ocean to explore the depths of the seas. Richard Branson has designed a unique and marvelous underwater mini sea-craft named Necker Nymph. It will take you to a pleasurable ride below the surface of the sea.

It can aboard three persons at time and has especially designed for the exploration beneath the surface of the sea. This undersea ride is the unique thought which is not a dream now and anyone can enjoy this great under sea ride.

It is capable to go beneath the water level up to 30 meters down the surface of the sea and can travel up to the speed of 6 knots under sea. You will enjoy every moment below the sea exploring the impressive and amazing marine life beneath the sea. It will be complete fun to enjoy your summer at the sea and enjoying the ride in mini submarine under the sea.

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