Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Adventurous BMW GS Bike

New BMW Bike R1200GS is here to provide you maximum adventure and perfect to the bike lovers. It is capable to ride on every track especially on the mountains and muddy areas. This bike is capable for unlimited adventures and provides excellent tour while you ride this latest technology bike.

BMW Company has built this bike with a prominent system of water cooling. It has been fitted with 125 horsepower engine, spooked wheels, energetic suspension, travel organizing gears and variety of different abilities attached to this bike. The new BMW bike provides you the safe and protected ride while you go on long journey.

You can take different necessary items with you as there are various compartments for storing your luggage and other necessities. This bike has a large size stand foot which is able to keep the bike stand upright by its parking set tip over and the gravel road drop.

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