Friday, May 31, 2013

Deep Ocean Mini Submarine

The Mini Submarine which has been named as Deep Flight Super Falcon. It is the latest designed mini submarine which is declared to be the underwater vehicle which has wings and considered to be flying beneath the sea surface. This mini submarine has seats for two persons which can stay under sea for almost 5 hours and can move with a certain speed of 6 knots.

This under ocean submarine has been designed by Graham Hawkes, the engineer of this amazing mini submarine who worked day in and day out with his team for the sucessful experiment of his latest invention. Hawkes is also the first pilot or captain of his under ocean invention who took it under water and had a joyful ride beneath the surface of the sea.

Deep water submarine looks just similar to fighter jet having thin body where there are two sets of wings along with two tail fins. The small submarine is connected by lithium batteries and and gets power by the turbines which supports the submarine to move under water. You can enjoy the under water ride in this mini deep flight submarine and explore the depths of the ocean.

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