Monday, May 6, 2013

Equality & Justice

Normally people know the meaning of different words but mostly people ignore the real value of those words or sometimes do not pay attention to those words or to their meanings. They don’t even care to figure out to know the real sense of such words.

Here, I am taking an example of two words like Equality & Justice. Both seem to be fair and good enough for everyone.

Equality means some values or status which is being provided to everyone in a particular place or giving equal opportunities to two different persons.

Justice means the act of being providing fair and just distribution or providing the equal and fair deal among the two persons or to provide the principle of righteousness among the people.
Both the words are expressing their meanings fair enough and good for all and both represent almost the same attitude in the description.
But, in some manner, we can see that the Equality is not Justice.
You can check it out for yourself to see the difference between these words. If Equality is there then people will miss the Justice.

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