Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Huge Subway Bus

Shenzhen Huashi, a company in China has thought to design a Unique Bus which will soon be seen running on the roads of China. This unique idea of the concept bus is under process and soon people will see this bus in real. The bus will run above the other normal traffic as the subway or the street bridge and without blocking those vehicles.

The unique concept bus will be about 18 feet long and apparently its width reaches about the two lanes of the road and will move along with the traffic over the two lanes. The Huge Chinese Bus will run by using electricity and also utilizing the solar energy which means the electric motors of the bus will run partially using the solar power. The bus will have maximum speed of about 60 km/h which will carry about 300 passengers.

This new and unique concept bus will cost approximately 500 million Yuan. The designers of this unique bus declare that this project will reduce the traffic problem about 30 percent once this concept bus starts running on the street.

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