Thursday, May 9, 2013

Modern Button Stapler

Jo Yeon Jin has designed a unique Button Stapler which will certainly save time and of course get rid of the tension of stitching the buttons on the shirts or any other clothes. This button stapler has won the unique concept award named Red Dot Award in 2012.

Now putting a button is not a tension any more for anybody. Everyone can be able to put a button easily on the shirt, coat or any other clothes. It is also time saving and quite an easy job for everyone. It has been made the process of putting the button very simple. It has been proved a productive and very special stitching mate for the people who used to put on the buttons with tension.

This superb modern stapler will be a great help for putting on the buttons wherever you require and will make you independent in this matter. Therefore, the stapler is a fine piece of helping hand for everyone and it can put any sizes button easily on any fabric without difficulty and made the process very easy.

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