Saturday, May 18, 2013

World’s First Yacht Island

Get ready to enjoy a fine trip in the world’s first Yacht which represents as an Island and has an artificial volcano on board. This modern yacht has unique atmosphere with lots of other modern facilities provided on this amazing and fantastic artificial island.

This innovative yacht island is spread about 90 meters and sails with a maximum speed of 15knot. The yacht’s main deck views fine as a beach bay of bathhouse which surrounds an enormous ocean sight. It has a great swimming pool, fantastic view of a waterfall which falls from the top besides the volcano.
There is a great landing pad for the helicopter for the customers who can arrive on this island directly. There is an attractive bar, an outdoor dining place, a fine private spa including with VIP suites for the customers. These suites have attractive private balcony to view the marvelous sight in the sea. 

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