Thursday, September 5, 2013

Amazing Bridge for Trains on the Sea

On the Pamban Island in India, there exists a bridge built on the sea named as Pamban Bridge. This bridge is built to connect an area called Palk Stait and Rameswaram over the sea. It is mostly used for passing the trains but the bridge is made in a way to pass the ships from a certain area.

The bride is lowered upside at the time when the ships are passing by and the bridge remains closed for the trains. As the ships are passed away the bridge is lowered in its orginal position. This bridge is the first bridge built over the sea and the second longest bridge that connets a long distance of 2.3 kilometer to connect to different areas. It has been built using high tecnology and stands over the durable concrete piers and has dual leaf bascule midway. It is recognized one of the spectacular piece of architecture and superb innovation of its type ever built in India.

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