Sunday, September 22, 2013

The World's Huge Cylindrical Aquarium

AquaDom is the unique and declared to be the world's first cylindrical aquarium made of acrylic glass. The cylindrical shaped aquarium is about 11 metres in diameter and 25 metres tall and it has a transparent elevator inside the glass aquarium which stood on a 9 meters tall foundation to support.

The world's amazing aquarium is built in a famous hotel of Berlin, Germany named as Radisson Blu Hotel. The AquaDom is filled with 1,000,000 litres water and there are large variation of fish species are found swimming and eating their food all around in the aquarium. The feeding is specially provided by the divers and about eight kilograms of fish food daily provided to the fish in the glass cylinder. The divers even perform daily cleaning process of the aquarium with great care so that the fish may live for a long time. People come and enjoy this amazing aquarium with great interest.

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