Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Amazing Tallest Fountain of Jeddah

The amazing world's tallest fountain has been constructed at the west coast of Jeddah in Saudia Arabia. It has been named as King Fahd's Fountain and has also been called the Jeddah Fountain.

The height of the fountain water is about 1,024 feet above the Red Sea. The water ejected from the fountain is capable to reach the height with top speed of 375 kilometres. This fountain can be seen from hundreds of kilometers around the locality where it is constructed and people can view it throughout the Jeddah city. Everyone can see it while walking on the street or the people driving through the roads and signals can watch the fountain water clearly.

The fountain water is illuminated with 500 colorful spotlights to reflect the colors from the fountain. This illuminated colorful water ejected from the fountain looks really atrractive at night. People come out to see this amazing fountain from the country and the tourists too amuse themselves by watching this great attraction of the colors scattered from the tallest fountain at night.

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