Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Welcome To Your Automatic DREAM HOUSE!!!

Isn’t it completely amazing? Daily, we see numerous new and latest technology devices, gadgets or cell phones with a variety of new features. We are almost using many such devices such as we have different features in our current cell phones.

Similarly, technology is being used in the construction of automatic houses, offices and garages also. Everything runs on a single button press and even you can control everything on your voice call. A button press or a voice call, a door opens automatically. A button press or a voice call, TV switches on. A button press or a voice call, lights flash open etc.

Even people are being using such a high technology house which is no longer a DREAM now. One day, even you will have the same DREAM HOUSE like this. 

http://yo.co.uk/wp-content/gallery/the-bedroom-elevator/100_design2949_1.jpg You see a modern high-tech house where a luxury bedroom is in front of you. You sleep at night and when you leave the bed, it just moves upward to the roof on a single button press or on your voice call the bed disappear and makes the roof as nothing is hidden there.
http://yo.co.uk/wp-content/gallery/the-bedroom-elevator/100_design2970.jpg At the same moment when the bed was moving upward, a luxury drawing room of your house seems to be appearing from the bottom. 

http://yo.co.uk/wp-content/gallery/the-bedroom-elevator/100_design2982.jpg Here you go. What have we here! A comfortable sitting room appears at your sight. WOW! Tremendous!
http://yo.co.uk/wp-content/gallery/ken-bench/100_design3023.jpgThere is a perfect place for your storage at the side where you can safely place your different objects.
http://yo.co.uk/wp-content/gallery/the-sunken-lounge-with-flip-up-dining/100_design3036_2.jpg Close to your sitting area, there appears an amazing sunken lodge where you and your family enjoy your breakfast, lunch and dinner.
http://yo.co.uk/wp-content/gallery/the-cinema-surround-bedroom-cinema/100_design2991_1.jpg  If you are willing to watch news or any favorite program, there appears a curtain along with a wide silver screen and you can watch anything you wish.
http://yo.co.uk/wp-content/gallery/the-cinema-surround-bedroom-cinema/100_design2999.jpg You can even watch this screen when you are at your bed and enjoy the movies in the bedroom mode in the evening.

http://yo.co.uk/wp-content/gallery/the-cellar-doors-incorporating-a-wine-store/100_design3029.jpg At a button press, there appears an under floor storage from where you can take your luggage, bags, shoes or anything you have kept inside.

http://yo.co.uk/wp-content/gallery/the-reveal-kitchen-with-wheeling-island/100_design3096.jpg Even you can enjoy the wide view of your modern automatic house which provides you an attractive look.
http://yo.co.uk/wp-content/gallery/office-desk-trick-disappearing-guest-bed/100_design3116.jpg Here you have your own desk or a writing table where you can enjoy your reading and writing. Even you can use your computer.

http://yo.co.uk/wp-content/gallery/office-desk-trick-disappearing-guest-bed/100_design3122.jpg Even there is a hidden small bed for you when you get exhausted from your work and have a short nap here for a while.

Have you enjoyed your modern house? You may not have to wait for a long to enjoy such a luxurious modern technology house. It has been used by people and more features will be added in the coming future. Yours may be a more futuristic with many other features which are missing here.

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  1. wow!really it is dream house.it,s show the mordern high-tech .where we can live luxury life with the help of button press.
    it is nice and amazing information for us.