Monday, February 11, 2013

Colorful Restaurant Robots

There is a restaurant, in Harbin, China where 18 unique colored different robots are employed to serve variety of food and beverages to the customers. These robots are designed and programmed by created by one of the greatest inventor of China Liu Hasheng who has been working as Chief Engineer in the Harbin Haohai Robot Company.

These different colored robots are identical in look but there is a change in sizes like they have a height about 1.3metres to 1.6metres and are capable of speaking simple Chinese language. They are even able to express 10 different facial expressions as a normal human does. These all the robots are being controlled by a central computer. They need a charging time of two hours and   they can continuously keep on working for the customers for five hours.
These robots perform several odd jobs include from taking the order from guests and delivering it to the waiting tables of the customers. Even they perform the cooking as well according to the order placed by the customers. These robots are designed superbly to perform all the tasks which are being performed by any chef in the restaurant.
The robots are being fed with all the commands and to obey all the instructions given by the customers with certain loops and thus they fulfill their commands in continuity. They are designed to fulfill everything and even they can prepare different tasty dishes which are programmed to perform by these colorful robots. These restaurant modern innovative robots have somehow showed the new trend of working like humans in the restaurant. The Chinese people not only amazed but also glad to see the robots of different sizes working for them and fetching them their desired orders after a certain time just as the human.


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