Friday, March 15, 2013

BELUMBURY – The Comfortable Small Car

Belumbury Dany is one of the attractive cars in small size which were introduced at Geneva Motor Show  2013. Dany is the Italian made car with impressive seat, the perfect and unique body with attractive colors available in the market both in electric and petrol modification. It got an average speed of 90 km/hour both in electric and petrol versions.
Belumbury is the excellent little car which impresses such customers who wish to drive small cars as the heavy and big cars are unable to control easily. Therefore, this short car has been declared very comfortable and friendly for the customers who used to look some kind of car which is utterly customized and easy to drive. It is the best small family car which is comfortable and relaxed while driving and the passengers enjoy the smooth drive. This car has a perfect shape and is declared a classic small car favorite for smooth and contented travelling.

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