Sunday, March 31, 2013

Private Jets Having Luxury & Technology

Today, luxurious and modern technology jet planes are being owned by the millionaires and it has become a fashion. These implausible airplanes have got all the luxuries of the life onboard and the same entertainment and comfort can be attained in the air. The luxuries consist of comfortable bedroom, dining room, lounge, theater, bathroom, aquarium, kitchen and even garage for their vehicles to carry wherever they move.

Ultra rich people of the world have got their own customized private jets and have tried to gather everything which they intend to have in the air which they are using on the ground. People can personally design their own jets in their own way and what they would like to have onboard, any type luxury in their planes.

Such as, Al Waleed bin Talal, the Saudi Prince, has got many flying palaces. In his private aircraft Boeing 747, he has got the world’s luxuries onboard. He has a special gold comfortable throne where he sits in the center and has the gold seat buckles too. There exists the world class dining hall on board along with a concert hall which has a luxurious piano.
One of the famous celebrities, Jackie Chan has his own luxurious private jet with his name on it and has inscribed the dragon on the side. He has got comfortable room, dining, lounge and a luxurious theater in his private jet.
All these modern facilities are being available in the private jet planes. It depends on the people what else they wish to have in the air along with them.

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