Monday, March 11, 2013

Safe Places To Hide Your Belongings

Are you are looking for some safe place where you can keep your precious items hidden from thieves and burglars? Normally people use hidden safes for these purposes and keep cash, jewelry and other such costly items in security. But there are some other usual objects which are in daily use and you can use them for keeping your valuable belongings safe and your valued objects will be completely safe in a proper security.

Here are some usual items and objects which can keep your precious items save with prominent security.

The silver shiny clock provides you perfect match with your room decor and actually gives you a smart opportunity to hide your precious belongings. It views a simple center design in the room but an ideal place for hiding precious items.

A non operative outlet in a wall of your house, a perfect safe which provides you complete safe environment and guaranteed security for your valuable items.

A secure hair brush lets you to conceal your lots of precious savings and items within this familiar brush. It is cable to hold cash and jewelry items.

A common tank top is the best option for you to hide away your personal belongings safely. It is capable to hide your cash, jewelry and several other items.

You can even use the artificial lettuce or cabbage head along with other artificial vegetables and place on the table or on the refrigerator. You can use this cabbage as your safe and place your precious objects. This artificial stuff will also keep your valuable objects safe from the burglars if they come around suddenly.

Most popular empty Coca Cola Can also helps you to keep your belongings safe from the robbers. You can simply keep your valuable objects in such empty cans very effectively and keep this can safe in the store with the other stock.

Then you have candles too acting as you safe just as the real candle but the inner part is shallow to place your precious items in it. It will also support you in keeping your valuable objects from the robbers. You can simply place it at the corner top stand and no one will ever think of this candle as your safe.


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