Thursday, March 21, 2013

Detroit Fish - Electric Engine Vehicle

The most strange and curious looking van was introduced at the car show held in North America Auto Show. This vehicle is named as Detroit Fish due to its shape and figure which seems to be like a fish. It was invented by a Chinese auto designer named Li Guangming. He is passionate of designing unique concept vehicles.
Detroit Fish is a four seats vehicle with 3.5kW electric engine which uses a Lithium Ion battery pack for running on the road. It can drive with the maximum speed of 45km/h with a range of 150km. It is an ideal vehicle for the tourists and anyone can enjoy the trip on this special vehicle. Children will certainly enjoy riding this vehicle as it will be more fun for them.

It is the best spacious car having several features which are admired by the people who saw it in the auto show. The main reason to invent this vehicle is to save energy and make the atmosphere free from pollution. It will certainly be a great helping hand in fighting against the pollution and maintain a happy environment all around.

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