Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Modern Ultra Light Bicycle

On the auspicious event of 50th Anniversary of BMC Lamborghini, they have designed a Special Bicycle Edition with its brand for the first time in the history of cars and named it Ultra Light Lamborghini. It is one of the modern bicycles which have been designed with the cooperation between the Italian Car Maker and the Swiss Bicycle Maker BMC. This bicycle was made by the use of the framed carbon fiber and the whole body of the bicycle is designed according to the latest needs of the bikers.

BMC has designed the special framed body bicycle technique in the making which has been admired by the bicycle riders. A special paint has been added to the Lamborghini bicycle which has been very unique to the viewers. The Italian bicycle components have been used along with the same leather in that taurean coupe. You will enjoy riding this extraordinary and unique bicycle and enjoy every moment.

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