Thursday, March 14, 2013

Three Wheeled Vehicle cum Helicopter - PAL-V

After the successful launching of Flying Car, Terrafugia Inc. has designed an innovative car which is capable to transform into a helicopter. This dual nature vehicle was introduced in the New York Auto Show. This new innovative invention has been named as PAL-V (Personal Air and Land Vehicle). It is a three wheeled sports car and has the capability to fly at the speed of 100 mph both on the ground and in the sky.
This vehicle is superb sport car which drives on the land like a normal vehicle but when it needs to fly, the rotor is unfolded and the tail of the helicopter extends according to the mechanism. The transforming process from car to helicopter will take about few minutes and it requires a sufficient space to fly into the air. Finally, this is how the helicopter is all set for the flight. You need a driving and pilot license for flying this helicopter.
The personal helicopter cum sports car is planned to produce in bulk quantity for the common use in 2014. Soon this PAL-V will be available for the people and they will be able to drive and fly their dual nature vehicle cum helicopter. This helicopter sports car will be seen flying through the clouds in the sky and will running on the highways as well according to the usage. This helicopter will be a support during the heavy traffic and will fly away when it runs into traffic. 

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