Saturday, April 13, 2013

Impressive Electric Powered Aircraft

Electra Flyer X is one of the impressive and remarkable Electric Aircraft with two seats and is flown by a 50hp fitted electric motor along with a lithium polymer battery. This Electric airplane has a 15 meters long span wings and its maximum speed of about 100mph and it can continuously fly about 2 hours.

The Electra Flyer X has been known as a low dragging glider which is the invention of Electric Aircraft Corporation and Randall Fishman has designed it very much attractive. It is built according to US light sport rules and has a small cockpit beneath its bubble canopy and which is operated by tri-cycle landing gears. It looks really excellent in the sky while its flight.
Flyer X has been made noiseless by using electric motor to provide power with the support of lithium polymer battery. This electric motor does not even create too much noise during taking off and landing which means it does not create noise pollution as compare to the other aircrafts. Flyer X looks pretty nice during its flight and the inventor is happy to see his invention in the air. The company has set its original value of about US $65,000 and it will be soon available on sale.

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