Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Boy With Magnetic Powers

A native from northern Croatia named Ivan Stoiljkovic who is just a six years old boy and living in small town. He has been blessed with the GOD gifted extraordinary and remarkable magnetic power of attracting metal towards his body(chest). Any metallic thing simply sticks to his skin and it seems that he had a metallic skin.

People had seen him holding different metallic things at his chest such as spoon, pans, forks, knives and plates etc. His body is magnetized since his birth which can be declared as the miracle of GOD. Even his magnetic powers help his wounds to recover much faster and leaving no scars behind. Whenever, he had a cut or wounded himself, his body heals such wounds much faster than ordinary people.

This boy is really amazing and no one can believe such a magnetic boy whose skin is magnetized and metals attract his body. It sounds really unbelievable and without seeing it, everyone will consider this boy to be a fiction.

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