Sunday, April 21, 2013

Inspiring Sports Car - Electric Jaguar B99

Electric Jaguar B99 is a spectacular sports car ever designed by the Michael Robinson and Adrian Griffiths. The designers of this futuristic racer declares that it has the most excellent features of tomorrow and will take over the sports car lovers by its stunning capabilities while driving this Electric Jaguar.

This sports racer has four doors and having 1.4 L engine along with two connected electric motors and lithium batteries of 201 bhp each capable to drive the rear wheels splendidly. The engine provides support to recharge the installed batteries on long journeys. Jaguar B99 car has got the highest output of engine and both the electric motors jointly is about 570 bhp.

Jaguar B99 has been very much admired by the car lovers who love to drive such futuristic cars having more variety of features which they saw in the car of James Bond series. The new generation has always been attracted towards the sport cars and loves to have one with such futuristic features which fantastic Jaguar B99 has.

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