Sunday, July 21, 2013

Stylish Honda CR-Z Car

Honda Company has introduced amazing stylish luxury car with several advanced features in Honda CR-Z concept car. It is a latest version of Hybrid Electric car introduced by Honda. The CR-Z has the combined Hybrid Gasoline Electric features of power resource in this new generation luxury sports car.


  1. My dream car... oh la la...
    But the price is RM120k... which is same as the house price. oh no... T T

  2. If you find a car that is clean, solid and checks out good from a mechanic that you trust I would not spend the money on certification. They are generally expensive and the money you save can go a long way to keeping your car well maintained.

  3. No doubt the price is high but these can also be enjoyed from rental services whose main aim is to offer the luxury travel at cheap cost.