Sunday, July 7, 2013

Little Camatte57s by Toyota

Toyota Motor Company has introduced a new little concept car named Camatte57s. It is small family car with its roof top open which was inaugurated at the International Toy Show held in Tokyo. The aim of this Toy Show was to bring the parents and children at a place to show them a small car which can also be driven by their children easily.
This small concept car can easily be driven by even children by adjusting the pedal and seat for themso that they can easily operated all the functions of this small innovation car. But the father must be there to assist in developing the driving skills of his children. He can sit on the next seat to have a control over the steering and can hit the brakes at the time of need.

The parents must make sure to allow this car to their children for driving at a place which must be non public area like at any go kart tracks. The small vehicle provides a great opportunity to the children and to create experience of driving with fun. The Camatte57s describes its 57 detachable features like it is being designed in lightweight body panels and its exterior gives a perfect look with its color and the customized design.

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