Monday, June 10, 2013

Luxury Hybrid Car - BMW i8

The new Concept BMW i8 Luxry Hybrid car has been introduced as an eco-friendly sports car which possesses salient features and provides you the excellent performance while you drive. The new attractive BMW i8 is a heart touching car of today. You can enjoy the best drive of this superb sports car with power steering in your hand with full control on your drive.

The Concept i8 is an ideal designed to fulfill the real needs of the sports car lovers who which to have certain features in their sports activities while they drive their specific automobile. Therefore, BMW has brought several functions and features in this Concept i8 which will prove its needs in the sports activities by its top performance.

The impressive dream car has a maximum speed of 160 miles/hour and has the total fuel consumption of about 70 mpg. This Luxury i8 Hybrid Car has been equipped with a perfect efficiency of 3 cylinder combustion engine and is powered by lithium ion battery.

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